Potential Homebuyer

OK so you’re selling your home. It’s important that you showcase it in order to receive the most from the sale. Here are some helpful hints to make your home inviting to potential buyers:

  • Make sure your home is always clean, all beds are made, and all household items are stowed in their proper place.
  • Keeping your house smelling fresh is extremely important. The first thing a buyer experiences when entering your home is smell. Open windows if the weather permits, or use air fresheners and candles. You can also bake cookies to make your home smell sweet and inviting.
  • The kitchen and bathrooms should always be impeccably clean, with no exceptions. Dirty kitchens and bathrooms are turn-offs for potential buyers.
  • Curb appeal is also very important as it is the first thing the buyer sees. Hire a professional landscaping company to trim the grass, weeds, hedges, bushes, trees, etc. and maintain the curb appeal of your home. This will encourage potential buyers to remember your home.
  • Bugs/Pests can scare any good potential buyer away. It would be in your best interest to hire an exterminator to be certain all pests are eliminated from your home.
  • Keep in mind that buyers are usually out looking at 5-10 properties at a time. Your goal is to captivate their interests while they are viewing your home, and to make your home the one that they remember when they leave. It is very easy to forget the features of a home when a buyer is looking at multiple properties.